The Redbird Incident

Sometimes, mistakes and unplanned incidents can lead to fascinating new discoveries. That's what I learned from my experiment with Rollei Redbird film and an expired developer kit.

So I had two rolls of a very special film ready to develop: the Rollei Redbird which turns everything red. My old chemicals for C41 process were still there in the cupboard. Why not give it a try? I did. When the film was hanging to dry, it slipped out of the clamps and fell to the ground. I saw all the dust glued to it. Shit. But hey: the pictures turned out quite unique. All the dust made for some nice texture and contrast. And thanks to the old chemicals, the colors are very special indeed. Like some crazy Instagram-filter, only better.

And that stroke something within me: Although a lot went wrong, the pictures look good to my eye. Ultimately, it's about going out, having fun and trying out new stuff. Because most of the photography I do is for myself, not for others. So I don't have to fear anything. How cool is that?